Ab Roller

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  • Dual wheel Ab roller to tone abs, shoulders, arms, chest, and back
  • Ab roller with ergonomically designed anti-slip handles for easy grip
  • Includes a  textured comfort knee pad to protect your knees
  • An additional pair of resistance bands is included as a free gift
This dual wheel Ab roller is the perfect piece of fitness equipment that you need if you want to work on your core to lose some belly fat. As the name itself says, the dual wheel Ab roller features two wheels for extra stability. The difference between the dual wheel Ab roller and a single one is the extra stability that the 2 wheels give. This added stability is recommended for beginners, although anyone at any level can use the dual wheel Ab roller.
The Ab roller, also known as Ab wheel will help you achieve the dreamed 6-pack abs. This fitness gear helps you to work all your core muscles. It also tones your shoulders, chest, arms and back for the perfect upper body work out. The dual wheel Ab roller is small and lightweight (1.7 lbs/0.77 kg) so you can handle it and carry out your workout routine. It is designed with 2 wheels offering a wider base to distribute weight for added stability. The wheels roll smoothly and silently, and you can adjust their position (with or without the O-ring between them). Moreover, this dual wheel ab roller features ergonomic handles for an anti-slip grip. These handles are removable, allowing you to store the Ab roller when not in use. Thanks to the high-quality materials and sturdy construction of this fitness tool, it can withstand up to 450 lbs of weight (~204 kg).

Product specifications
Product weight: 1.7lbs / 0.77kg
Package dimension: 8.9” x 4.5” x 9.0” / 22.5 x 11.5 x 23.0cm